A Sede floods with celtismo and emotion in the Celta Golden Badge ceremony

A Sede’s regal lounge held yesterday afternoon one of the most relevant and emotional events of the season, the Celta Golden Badge ceremony to Celta fan members who have reached 50 years of membership. The club’s president, Carlos Mouriño, awarded the badges to 75 members- Each of them is an example of loyalty and unconditional love to Real Club Celta.

Alongside the president, the event was attended by the team’s board members, managers, managing staff and the four team captains to pay a more than well-deserved homage to these fans that are an example and role models for celtismo.

Before the award ceremony, president Carlos Mouriño addressed the honorees, and had grateful words for their “strength, courage and faith”. “You are an example for others to follow”, stressed the skyblue president.

«Some years ago we had a debt that we thought we wouldn’t be able to pay off and now we are in this wonderful facility, our headquarters. This was possible because we followed your lead, your strength, and the faith you have shown by going to the stadium and cheering on all these years”, stated Carlos Mouriño, who highlighted his feelings in such a special day for Celta: “I feel honored to award these badges. I’m in front of the best of Celta”.