Celtismo discovers new team bus on the streets of Vigo

The surroundings of A Laxe and Vigo Yacht Club was full with celtismo this Tuesday with RC Celta’s new bus for the 2018/19 season. Players and fans had the chance to discover from the outside and the inside the new vehicle, which offers many new features in comparison to the older model used by the team.

The event was attended by players Emre Mor, David Juncà, Rubén Blanco, David Costas and Claudio Beauvue; alongside skyblue president Carlos Mouriño and his counterpart at Monbús, Raúl López. The skyblue fans that went to the event had the chance to spend a nice time with the players, take pictures with them and get to know the inside of the bus.

The new bus, 14 meters long, has the latest security features, and comfort features such as Wi-Fi, glass roof, office are with fridge and coffee machine, USB slots, a conveniently sized bathroom, reclinable seats with lateral positioning and foot rests.