Felipe Miñambres: “We have to get up, fight and prove where we want to be”.

Hoedt: he is a tall player, dominates overhead plays and has a good ball outlet. He is a footballer who has different characteristics to the ones we had and that can be complemented very well with the centre-backs of the current squad.

Transfer market: I would like us to have one or two more additions and for that we need a couple of players. Maybe everything will pick up in the next few days. We have a free spot on the team but it is true that those who have had few playing minutes would have fewer options.

Positions to reinforce: can be a wing back or a more attacking player. We will try to reinforce ourselves in the positions where we think we should.

Gabriel Fernandez: there is agreement for next summer but we still have to sign contracts.

Roncaglia and Mazán: Roncaglia is one more player in the squad and the other day even played as a starter. For Mazán we are looking for a team where he can play more minutes.

Situation of the team: we are all worried because we are in a position that we did not want to be. We have to look ahead and we have to build a good team in addition to having good players. There’s no point in complaining and being sad. We have to get up, fight and prove where we want to be.

Cardoso: I don’t think his future depends on what happens on Sunday. We are not in a comfortable situation but we trust that we have grounds to carry this forward.

Radoja: his departure depends on him at 99%. There are teams that have been interested but have not reached an agreement with the player.

Departures: there are quite a few teams asking for our players. I think that nobody will pay the clause and the only thing we want is that everyone contributes their bit in favor of Celta. Everything can happen, especially the English clubs, but I find it quite complicated.

Forward: is not easy because whoever comes to Celta knows that there are players in front like Iago and Maxi.

Emre Mor: he is not going to go out on loan. If at some time there is something, it will be via transfer.