The Celta de Vigo Foundation has been developing different activities for more than 10 years to promote a healthy sport practice, especially among the youngest ones, since it is one of the fundamental pillars of its philosophy. In addition, regular sports practice helps children develop in many other areas of their lives, and can be a great tool for transmitting values ​​such as solidarity, teamwork, sacrifice and creativity.

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Every year, during the school year the “Celta de Vigo Foundation Sports Schools” are organized, which were born as a backbone of this philosophy and which, together with the Summer Campuses, are already a tradition and have great prestige and recognition. From the month of September to the month of June the children who are part of the different sports schools, come to train two days a week with coaches of the lower categories of the Real Club Celta de Vigo. Some trainers who are responsible for transmitting the training techniques of a quarry that has shown over the last few years to be one of the most fruitful in the country. Our trainers are responsible for bringing this successful methodology to children who participate in schools, but always from a playful point of view and training in values, where competition gives way to entertainment fun and learning. In addition, on weekends the children of the sports schools of the Celtic Foundation enjoy their games where they can apply what they have learned during the week.

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The schools also have various extra activities such as the visit of Real Club Celta de Vigo players, talks with first team technicians and many more surprises that make the Fundación Celta de Vigo Sports Schools a unique and exclusive experience. Currently there are two Sports Schools Fundación Celta de Vigo. One of them takes place in the sports facilities of A Madroa and the other is developed in collaboration with the O Castro international School. O Castro International School