Fran Escribá: “I’m convinced that the fans will be there for us.”

Squad list: Sergio, Hugo Mallo, Costas, Araujo, Okay Yokuslu, Fran Beltrán, Maxi Gómez, Pione Sisto, Hoedt, Rubén, Lobotka, Juncà, Jensen, Boufal, Jozabed, Brais Méndez, Boudebouz and Apeh.

Sensations: I have seen a cheerful group, united and convinced that they are going to make this happen. They are aware that mistakes were made along the way but the feelings have been very positive.

Changes: the team is more or less clear, and so is the notion of the match. As a coach I have to be consistent and it’s inevitable that there has to be changes. Fans will see a recognisable team. I’m convinced that the fans will be there for us and we need them tomorrow. We have six games left at home and we want to be strong here. The team is putting its own life into these twelve games.

Aspas: Being very important to us, what interests me is that he recovers soon and is perfect for the next few games. We want to have them all, but as a manager I’m not overwhelmed by these circumstances.

Big game: I’m waiting for a Betis who places a lot of importance on ball possession. It’s a team that is made to fight for Europe and they made a great investment for it.

Level: Each player’s recovery at the individual level is based on the collective.

Offensive play: the first thing I want to recover is balance, which is not incompatible with attacking well. We don’t want to be locked at the back, but we’ll have to do it. Our job is to know how to play those different kinds of moments.

Rivals in the standings: I haven’t done the math, but SD Huesca is an example of attitude. It’s a team that competes every game, even those that it loses.

Villarreal: playing in Europe is a wear and tear, although it’s true that if it’s accompanied by victories it means an improvement in morale. The teams on a physical level are not going to fall and all the matches are going to be very equal.

Physical level: the team is good and the work in that section has been very good.

Olaza: it is at the level of any other to play.

Goalkeeper: I’ve made a decision