Fran Escribá: “Our idea is to go and win at Leganés”

Updates: Brais is available and will travel with the team. Emre Mor has a little discomfort that in certain strikes hurts.

Juncà: He could have trained with the group but we prefer to wait until next week.

Brais Méndez: from the moment he comes it’s because we can count on him. Physically, he’s fine.

Jozabed: he is a very reliable player and whatever you ask of him, he does it. We have always taken him into account. The double pivot is more his place but on the outside he’s also good because by physique and experience he endures those rhythms well.

Leganés: it’s a very physical team and it’s going to make it very difficult for us. They come from a bad result at home and they’re going to want to win. Our idea is to go and win. We’re going to have to be very attentive to all game situations and aerial play is going to require maximum concentration.

Defense: I like to keep the lineup secret until the end. The other day in Barcelona I was very happy and I know that those who go out will do very well.

Boufal: the season is ending very well for him and for us he is an important asset.

Rivals: we are looking at ourselves, which is the important thing, and we see ourselves with a chance of winning any match, although you do expect some result from the rivals to help you.