Fran Escribá: “The Huesca match is a very important one”

Mood: We enjoyed the euphoria of the fans, with a lot of joy. We analysed what we did right and wrong last Saturday against a very intense opponent.
List: There is no list. They are all available except Juncà.
Variations: possibly there could be changes because everyone is training well and the opponent is different.
Olaza: he accused tiredness because he hadn’t played for a long time. In the end the rhythm is given by the competition.
Aspas: he ran a lot, like everyone else, but his intelligence makes him do a good job of dosing himself.
SD Huesca: he has been competing very well for many months and has arguments to believe in salvation. At home he generates a lot of actions in the opposite field and it’s going to be a very uncomfortable game.
Villarreal: we suffered a lot in the first half because we left a lot of gaps. Tomorrow it will also be important how we plant ourselves.
Enric Gallego: it’s important for them. He combines very well with the other strikers he has because he can hold the ball very well and he has ease for the goal.
Anxiety in the opponent: I don’t see them with anxiety despite being the team that is a little more off the hook. They transmit intensity, courage, good football and order.
Key to the game: They’re a team that runs very well and can hurt us in transition. They also stand out from set pieces and we have to defend far away, aggressively with the ball and not concede a lot of fouls and corner kicks.
Atmosphere: from here to the end of the season will happen in all fields. It’s a nice atmosphere but when it’s time for the game you get abstracted.
Fans: The fans have shown us that we have a lot at stake and I’m convinced that we’ll have a great start in all the games we have left at home. If the coaching staff and players can do something to improve the atmosphere we will do so.
Importance of the match: very important because we would link two good results that would put us in a better situation.
Cabral: He’s one of the team and I know I can count on him and that he won’t let me down. He is also a supporter of that locker room.