Fran Escribá: “We are sure that the fans are going to play the match with us”.

Rival: We are going to see a good Barça for sure. We are aware that Rakitic and Busquets are not coming due to a suspension. It’s a good opportunity for us because we believe we can beat any team.

Fans: We’re very optimistic and we’re very strong at home thanks to the support of the people. We’re sure they’re going to play the game with us.

Barça substitutions: we know that whoever comes are FC Barcelona players. When in other days they have rested some players they have competed well.

Brais Méndez: He’ s very well. The other day he did quite a lot in a very fast paced match. This week he has been able to train with the rest of his teammates and it has really been very noticeable.

Match: It’s very important for us. I’m convinced that they are going to come to win the match, but we have to prove from the minute that it’s a vital match for us.

Iago Aspas: He’ s almost ready.

Absentee players: they’re all here. Tomorrow we will make a small activation and there we shall decide the list. For me it’s a problem when it comes to discarding, but it’s a joy as a manager.

Final: no outcome is going to give us anything conclusive but it is true that a victory would help us a lot. I want the mentality to be as if this were the last match of the league. It’s true that any defeat moves us away from our goal.

Araujo: on a sporting level it’s clear that I like him because I put him in almost every match and on a personal level he’s also a kid who’s very adapted.

Home games: the support of our people has been fundamental in the last matches and of course tomorrow it’ s going to be very difficult for us because we are going to face a great team.

Messi: I’m one of those who consider Messi the best player I’ve ever seen in my life. I love to see him play but I prefer if he doesn’t come.