Fran Escribá: “We worked very well on the idea of the match”

Squad list: they are all available except injured and sanctioned.
Cautioned: the only match that matters is tomorrow’s match. Their difficulty is very great, but another thing is that the passage of the same leads us to make decisions.
Kevin: it is one of the options and the most natural. Kevin always trains hard and is an example of everything. And if he does not play again he will be ready because it’s a pleasure to see him train.
Iago Aspas: we’re excited that after the halt he’s there and we’re confident about it, but I’m sure I’m not going to take any risks with him.
Real Madrid: it’s true that they had a week of bad results that has left them without objectives, but at the level of fans I’m sure that Zidane’s arrival is exciting. We have seen last year’s matches but in other ways does not affect us.
Match: Real Madrid is a team that can throw any plan down. We’ve worked very well on the idea of the match.
Improvement: we are interested in having the ball more time and giving width to the team.
Changes: It is likely that week by week there will be changes and I don’t want the players to have the feeling that the same players are going to play.
Relegation: We want to get out of there as soon as possible and tomorrow we have the first chance to do that. Any good result would do the group a lot of good.
Points to avoid relegation: I have no idea and I haven’t thought about it.
Players: There are times when you have the eleven you think are better and think about those who can give more character to the team.
Rival: Real Madrid has great players and I’m sure they’ll want to do their best with the new coach. But when you play against this team you worry about the whole team.
Goal: it is true that in the last month we have scored few goals and I like to work very much on the finishing in training. We’ve worked on it.
Maxi Gómez: He looks good to me. It’s true that in terms of numbers he’s not at his best but it’s not something I’m worried about. I tell him to relax, show his potential and I’m sure the goals will come.