Irrisari and Piñera project chosen for Celta’s sports city

The Board of Directors of RC Celta has designated Irisarri and Piñera’s project for the development of the club’s new sports city in Mos. Celta wants to express its sincere gratitude to the architects of Fraga, G. Quijada and Portolés and Alfonso Peneda for their proposals, all of them magnificent, for this exciting project that will mark the future of the club.

The project of Irisarri and Piñera fulfills RC Celta’s expectations of to develop a functional and modern sports city, respectful to the environment and with ample capacity to satisfy in a brilliant way the needs of the youth players and those of the first team.

Irisarri and Piñera approach Celta’s sports city “as a tree that is planted, but with an open future, where it develops, grows the necessary branches.” A project “with the same wildlife capacity to integrate into the natural environment, and become part of the future generations, which in turn will make it grow, transform and evolve with them.”