Miguel Cardoso: “The team has sent a very strong message of unity”.

RC Celta manager Miguel Cardoso expressed his satisfaction with the win over Sevilla FC: “I’m happy for the victory, for the players, for the club and for the fans. Today we spoke out because we believe in ourselves. I want to mention the fans and tell them to believe in this team. We have to look forward and we need the supporters to give us energy during bad times and to celebrate good times together,” he said at the press conference.

In addition, he highlighted the match of the sky players. “I knew we were going to compete very well and indeed the team has sent a very strong message of unity, strength, friendship…”.

The Portuguese manager described as “normal” all the hardship of the last minutes and valued as positive the fact of not receiving goals. “It’s important that our goal remained scoreless because we were able to carry out the plan we had. It’s not easy to play against a team like Sevilla. Today we were rewarded and we needed these points,” he said.

Finally, he also wanted to remember the fans, who today gave the team a boost. “I’m happy because the fans went home with a smile.