Miguel Cardoso: “We have to be at the same competitive level as against Sevilla”.

Iago Aspas: is on the list and ready for the match.

Squad list: Emre, Radoja, Iván Villar, Okay, Boudebouz and Andrew are out.

Boudebouz: there is a series of things that allow us to make decisions. You have to deal with different issues and it’s not easy to have 24 players playing in just one competition.

Match: we know what kind of football is played in Getafe. The team is very confident because of its position in the league standings and has very clear traits. The most important thing is to understand how we have to play. The reference we have is the match in Seville and being able to be at the same level of competition. We have to repeat it regularly.

Olaza: He was in pre-season and has a very specific position in tactical terms. We have worked a lot with him and we have given him information about what we are doing. He’s a kid who has good skills and we want him to contribute things as soon as possible.

Jensen: there are only 11 players on the team and we have 24. He has done a very good week of training and I am very happy with his work. All the midfield players have quality and it’s a tough fight, just like with the centre-backs.

Getafe: only Valencia has managed to beat them and they have granted very few goals. These are characteristics of the team. We have to repeat the same behaviors that led us to have a goalless match against Sevilla. When you do that, it’s easier to win matches because we usually score goals in every match. In football you have to compete at the highest level and that means pushing tactical performances to the limit.

Opponent’s style: they have a playing concept that they execute very well. We have our own and we have to push it to the limit.