Okay will start training progressively with the group next week

RC Celta’s chief medical officer, Juan José García Cota, explained in A Toxa the situation of midfielder Okay Yokuslu, who has been out since 30th May due to a partial tear in the posterior cruciate ligament of his right knee. “When the injury occurred we were in permanent contact with the medical service of the Turkish team and since then the player has undergone a rehabilitation treatment because it is a condition that does not involve surgery,” said the celestial doctor.

At the time of putting a return date, Garcia Cota stressed that the prognosis of Okay “is good” and advanced that next week will begin to train progressively with the team, although he clarified that he will still conduct individual training sessions. “In a period of about two weeks could be fully integrated with the rest if everything goes well,” concluded the head of medical services of the club.