President and governing council

Chief executive officer

Antonio Chaves

Chief Executive Officer

Chief corporation officer

Administration, finance & hr area

María José Herbón

Chief corporation officer


Felipe Miñambres

Sports Director

Maruxa Magdalena

Marketing Director

Julio Vargas

Security And Facilities Director

Carlos Salvador

Commercial Director


Germán Arteta

Foundation Director

Eduardo Covelo

Academy Director


Carlos Cao

Business Development Director

Carmen Avendaño Otero, born in Vigo in 1954, was a pioneer in the integral fight against drug trafficking, suing the big drug traffickers and organising integral plans of rehabilitation and social reintegration, and was renowned for the creation of the Erguete-Integracion Foundation and Erguete Association, of whom she is President. She was counsellor at PSOE and at the Counsel of Vigo and member of the provincial government of PSOE in Pontevedra, and member of the general Assembly at Caixanova.

She earned numerous rewards, such as the Premio Xustiza e Sociedade, the Medalla Castelao da Xunta de Galicia, the Medalla Concepción Arenal and the Cruz de Prata da Orde Civil da Solidariedade Social. She is ranked 94th in the 125 most influential Galician personalities and is included in the database of Galician referential women.

Primitivo Ferro Rivadulla

Degree in Law from the University of Santiago de Compostela.

Diploma in Law Practice from the USC and Fundamental Rights and Public Freedom and Business Management from the School of Industrial Organisation in Madrid. Also diploma in High Management in Agri-food Business from the International Institute San Telmo.

Lawyer and Associate at Ferro Abogados in Spain, Bogota (Columbia), Ferro Camargo Abogados Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia) and Ferro Roca Abogados.

Counsellor and literate advisor of various companies in Galicia.

María José Taboas

Degree in Spanish Language from the UNED. Currently, other than a counsellor of Real Club Celta, she is a treasurer and member of the Executive Committee and of the chamber of commerce of Vigo. She began working at Citroën at a young age as an administrative assistant where after years she promoted into the role of External and Institutional Relations Director, becoming the first woman to be part of the automotive giant’s Director’s board in Vigo.

Carlos Salvador Herrera. Degree in Information Sciences (Journalism) from the University of Francisco de Vitoria. Executive Master in Marketing & Sales from ESADE Business & Law School.

Julio Vargas Collazo. Security Director from the University Antonio de Nebrija. Security Director enabled by the Home Office TIP 7358. Chief of Security enabled by the Home Office TIP 6865. Type A Honorable Mentions from the National Police Corps and the Guardia Civil.

José Fernando Rodilla Martínez was born in Vigo in 1950, came up through Celta’s youth academy and was selected 4 times to play with the Spanish u23 national squad. He represented Celta between 1970 and 1976 forming part of Celta’s first European team. Furthermore, he was part of the Spanish national squad on the 28th of October 1970, in Zaragoza, in a friendly against Greece. He also played as part of the European international squad in a testimonial match for Columna.

In management, he worked for twelve years at Banco Simeón, beginning as a commercial executive, becoming a Head of Office for the last four years – representing one of the offices in Vigo.

After this, he worked as Head of Pensions at a La Caixa Office in Barcelona.

Pedro Posada Martínez was born in Leon in 1944. He is a businessman dedicated to Special Cementing and Granite extraction and elaboration. He was CEO at Pilotes Posada SA and Tablestacas y Pilotes, SA.

Currently he is CEO and counsellor at Cimiber SL and CEO at Granitos Vigo SL, a company dedicated to extraction and elaboration of Granites.

Maruxa Magdalena Seoane. Degree in Business Management, specialty International Business and Marketing, from the European Business School in London. PSDV from the ESIC Business & Marketing School.

Eduardo Covelo Mateo. Degree in Sports Sciences from INEF Galicia. Coaching badge level 3 from RFGF. Masters in High Performance Sports from COE and UAM. Master in Football Physical Training from RFEF and UCLM. University specialist in Sports Management from RFEF and UCJC

D. Ricardo Barros Hermida

Vice-president, Nigrán, 1965

He began his professional career in 1965 in the family business, Hormigones Valle Miñor SA, a society in the construction sector dedicated to the production of concrete and other aggregates, carrying out different roles related to the society’s production and administration.

Later, in 2002, he was named as part of the board at Grupo Mercantil Grupo Miñor Galicia, made up of multiple entities from various sectors such as construction, real estate, …

Germán Arteta. Diploma in Marketing at the INTE. Master in Marketing from the University of California. Bachelor Degree, Economics from London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Felipe Miñambres. Sports Director of the RFEF. Sports Director at Rayo Vallecano and since 2016 at Real Club Celta.

Carlos Cao Pérez. Technical Industrial Engineer from the University of Vigo. Master MBA Executive at the Afundación Business. International Business Program from Georgetown University.

María José Herbón Prada. Degree in Business Management in the Finance specialty, at the University of Vigo. Degree in Economic Sciences in the specialty of Public at the University of Vigo. Master of Business Administration (MBA) Executive, at IE Business School. Master in Account Auditing from UDIMA, PDE in Sports Organisations Management from IESE-Business School-University of Navarra. University Master in Human Resources Management from the UDIMA.

Carlos Mouriño Atanes was born in the centre of Vigo in March 1943 and studied at Colegio Salesianos in his local city. After carrying out various professional activities in Vigo and Madrid, at Lage y Cía, Rio Miño and Nautrónica, he moved to Mexico in 1978.

In central America, Carlos Mouriño began a phase of great professional intensity with the creation of Invacar, Grupo Energético del Suroeste and Gripo Corporativo Ges, all of these established companies in the hotel, energy and brand franchising such as Burger King or Applebee’s, real estate and hospitals. He also had participated in Mexican Politics.

When he got back to Spain, the group decided to invest in various sectors and companies, becoming a counsellor at Grupo Puentes, Censa Untigal, Molduras del Noroeste amongst others.

In 2006 he became President at Real Club Celta, maintaining his professional activity, up until today.

Antonio Chaves Escalante. Degree in Law from the University of Santiago de Compostela. Master Degree in Internet Law and E-Commerce at the Instituto Europeo. Executive PDD from IESE and PDE from IESE. Master of Business Administration (MBA) Executive at IE Business School.