Pione Sisto joins Denmark national squad

RC Celta adds a new international player this week. Sky-blue striker Pione Sisto will stay with the Danish national team for the UEFA Nations League match that the Danish team plays this Sunday against Wales in Aarhus.

Sisto had already been called for the match against Slovakia last Wednesday, but a conflict between the players’ union and the Danish federation caused the absence of listed players. Once the situation has been solved, Sisto has traveled to meet the rest of the Danish national players. In total there are seven Celta players with international matches during September.

Pione Sisto (Denmark)

UEFA Nations League: Denmark-Wales (Aarhus, 09.09)

Iago Aspas (Spain)

UEFA Nations League: England-Spain (London, 08.09)

UEFA Nations League: Spain-Croatia (Elche, 11.09)

Okay (Turkey)

UEFA Nations League: Turkey-Russia (Trabzon, 07.09)

UEFA Nations League: Sweden-Turkey (Stockholm, 10.09)

Lobotka and Mazán (Slovakia)

Friendly: Slovakia-Denmark (3-0)

UEFA Nations League: Ukraine-Slovakia (Lviv, 09.09)

Brais Méndez (Spain Under-21)

Euro Cup Qualifiers: Spain-Albania (3-0)

Euro Cup Qualifiers: Spain-Northern Ireland (Albacete, 11.09)

Jensen (Denmark Under-21)

Euro Cup Qualifiers: Denmark-Finland (Aalborg, 07.09)

Euro Cup Qualifiers: Denmark-Finland (Aalborg, 07.09). European: Lithuania-Denmark (Gargzdai, 11.09)