RC Celta and its football youth academy, subject of study at the University of Sports in Bucharest


RC Celta’s work methodology and its youth academy has drawn the attention of the Sports Business Academy, the first academy in eastern Europe dedicated to the sports industry in all its fields. The Romanian entity is currently developing a postgraduate course at the University of Sport in Bucharest, which, on its second on-site class, has invited Celta as featured guest.

Eduardo Covelo, head of RC Celta’s methodology, and Ciprian Jurubesco, president of the Celta-Brasov football school, attended the university of the Romanian capital last Wednesday, October 25, to give a lecture to the students of this specialized course. Covelo’s talk offered attendees a global vision of both the working method of Celta’s youth teams and the club’s general organization and its management model, while Jurubesco focused his presentation on the school he manages and where he applies RC Celta’s methodology concepts.

Days after being chosen by the CIES Observatory as one of the 30 main factories of football players in Europe, the skyblue academy is again the protagonist at an international level and takes a step further in consolidating its image and reputation both inside and outside Spanish borders.