Information about the football club


Information on the executive bodies and staff

1. Biographical data of the president and members of the Board of Directors
The information is reflected in the section organization.

2. E-mail addresses of the president and the heads of the different departments.
You can contact Real Club Celta de Vigo, S.A.D.; Celta de Vigo Foundation and Afouteza e Corazón, S.L.U. by phone at +34 986 110 900 or at or at Calle Príncipe, 44 post code: 36202 Vigo (SPAIN).

3. Resolutions of the General Shareholders’ Meeting.
On 06 November 2018, the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting of the company Real Club Celta de Vigo, S.A.D. was held in which the following items of the Agenda were approved:

  1. Examination and approval of the yearly accounts and the management report, as well as the proposal for the application of the result and censure of the management of the Board of Directors, all referring to the financial year closed on 30 June 2018.
    In favor: 99.89%
    Abstention: 0.11%
  2. Consideration and adoption of the budget for the financial year 2018-2019.
    In favor: 99.85%
    Against: 0.01%
    Abstention: 0.19%
  3. Establishment of the number of members of the Board of Directors (seven members).
    In favor: 99.79%
    Against: 0.01%
    Abstention: 0.19
    Appointment of Mr. José Fernando Rodilla Martínez as director.
    In favor: 99.80%
    Against: 0.01%
    Abstention: 0.19%
    Appointment of Ms. Maria José Taboas Cabral as councillor.
    In favour: 99,79%
    Against: 0,01%
    Abstention: 0,19%
  4. Sporting status
  5. Requests and questions.

4. Estructura Organizativa.
The organizational structure is reflected in the following link.



Legal framework, organisational structure and assets

1. Legal, institutional and statutory regulations.
The regulations applicable to RC Celta are:

  • Law 10/1990, of 15 October, on State Sport.
  • Ley 3/2012, of 2 April 2012, del Deporte de Galicia.
  • Royal Decree 177/1981 of 16 January 1981
  • Royal Decree 1251/1999 of 16 July 1999 on sports corporations.
  • Other regulations applicable to a professional Club/SAD (Statutes, General Regulations and Disciplinary Code of the RFEF, Social Statutes, General Regulations and Rules for the preparation of budgets of the LFP, which is included in the official pages of the respective bodies).
  • Internal Regulations of Real Club Celta de Vigo S.A.D.

2. Code of ethics or good practice and/or sporting behavior.
The Group’s code of ethics or good practice and internal policies are reflected in the following link.

3. Information on bankruptcy proceedings.
As of June 30th 2019, the pending bankruptcy debt amounts to 183,626.43€.

4. Basic information on the different existing football teams.
The information is reflected in the following links:

5. Inventory of property (movable and immovable).

  • A Sede building (Príncipe Street), and
  • Facilities ceded for use by the City Council of Vigo:
    • Abanca Balaidos Stadium, facilities where the first team plays,
    • Barreiro Stadium, facilities where the B team, Celta B, plays, and
    • Sports facilities in A Madroa.