Transparency in procurement and supplies


Info. procurement information

1. Income received by (number of players and aggregate amount):

  1. Transfer costs.In the 2017/2018 season for the recruitment of a player on loan we have incurred 200,000 euros of expenditure.In the 2016/2017 season for the incorporation of two players on loan we have not incurred any expenses, except for mediation expenses.
  2. The transfers made in the past seasons.

    The variable amount for players in past seasons is due to the fact that, player acquisition agreement establish clauses that oblige the company to pay certain financial compensation in the event they are triggered, being recognised at that time, in line with the accrual principle.

2. Amounts per (number of players and the amount added):

  1. Result from the sale of players.
    This section includes the results from the transfer of players in the corresponding season together with the income generated in previous sales due to variable targets reached.
    The results of the transfer of players, as well as the number of players that left, whether by sale or due to contract termination is set out in the following chart:
  2. Income from the temporary loan of players.
    Income from the loan of players, included in section 5 of the profit and loss account “Other Operating Income”, as well as the number of players loaned, is set out in the following chart:

3. RC Celta’s salary cap.
The cap on the sports team for the 2018/2019 season amounts to 47,475 thousand euros (46,035 thousand euros in inscription and 1,440 thousand euros in non-inscription).
The agreement to this limit is reflected in the Final Act on Budgetary Control.

4. Number of minors recruited by RC Celta in its different categories and sports sections.
RC Celta currently has 7 minors under contract in the different categories and sports sections.



Info. on supplies of goods and services

1. List and/or amount of operations with the most important suppliers, awardees and/or contractors of RC Celta.

The list of the six most relevant suppliers/vendors are:

  • Adidas España, S. A. ,
  • ACS España Servicios de Charter Aereo, S.L.U.,
  • Constructora San Jose, S. A. ,
  • Abramar Viajes, S. A. ,
  • Molcaworld, S.L., y
  • Prosegur Soluciones Integrales de Seguridad España, S.L.