Real Club Celta has never been a suitable team for supporters with a heart condition, especially in the 50’s, in which the ups and downs in the progression of the team were consistent. From barely avoiding relegation in the first seasons of the decade, to ending in seventh position in the 57-58 season… They were hard times, but when were they not?

Celta back in flight

 After several seasons in which good luck allied with Celta to avoid relegation, the team has a good 1957-1958 season. Celta came back in fashion, and was in the top part of the leaderboard for most of the season, finishing seventh. Also, there was time for solidarity that season, and the Vigo team took part in charity events to support of the city of Valencia, after a severe flooding in Spanish Levante that year. In the Celta-Valencia match, the board auctioned off a silver censer to raise funds for the victims.

A season to forget

The 58-59 season was the beginning of very hard times for Celta. The transfer of many important players weakened the squad. In addition, a new economic crisis emerged and the Board of Directors resigned.


Besides all these accumulated problems, another controversy developed surrounding the signing of the Brazilian Jaburu. Celta had paid one million pesetas to Porto for the player’s services. After his official presentation day, the problems began. The player complained about terrible hip pains during training sessions and the doctors discovered an important injury, which had been deliberately omitted while the transfer was being negotiated. Rumors about Jaburu’s lifestyle also started emerging claiming he supposedly was a heavy cognac drinker, a party-animal and slacked when training. Many doctors saw him, and some even told the player that his problems were more psychological than physical. Celta then tried to recover the money and dismissed the player. The player was fired, but Celta never got its money back. Not from Porto nor Jaburu. This signing, apart from being a complete failure, was also a ‘ghost’ one considering that the Brazilian did not play one single match.

After a disastrous season, which concluded with relegation, Real Club Celta began a phase of misfortunes that led the team to stay in Second Division a decade, despite the fact that on many occasions promotion was just one step away.