29 players travel to A Toja

A total of 29 players were included in the RC Celta squad list for the training stage at A Toxa, to where they parted last Sunday from A Madroa sports facilities.

The list is made up by first team players Rubén Blanco, Iván Villar, Sergio, Néstor Araujo, David Costas, Facundo Roncaglia, Mazan, Cabral, Fontás, Hugo Mallo, Juncá, Kevin, Lobotka, Jozabed, Borja Fernández, Okay, Juan Hernández, Brais Méndez, Emre Mor, Beauvue and Hjulsager and academy players Fran Vieites, Juan Antonio Ros, Alende, Dani Molina, Pastrana, Iban Salvador, Dennis and Apeh.