You have several options ranging from apartment accommodations or dorm-style rooms. We also have Hotel partners located at city centre.


As partners of Celta Foundation. These two residences receive our Academy players during academic year and they both are abaliable to keep receiving people.

Los Sauces school: Los Sauces School is located 10 kilometresfrom “A Madroa” training fields. It is the Residence of the young RC Celta players during the competition. This Residence is the one used for players in our training stages.

“A Canteira” Residence: A Canteira Residence was inaugurated on September 2018. It is located in the main shopping street of the city, inside of the central headquarter office building.


Some of our stakeholders are hotels based at city centre but you can tell us what you want and we will look for it for you.

Gran Hotel Nagari Boutique: Based on Plaza de Compostela at city centre, near to the port. Inspiring, Avant-garde. Sphisticated. Nagari Hotel has been designed combining style and comfort with all the services that every five star hotel requires. Opened in 2010, the hotel devotes much of its facilities to use and enjoy the Spa and other amenities designed to the welfare and revitalization of all guests.