Cardoso: “Our goal is to build a competitive team at any moment.”

Call: After tomorrow’s training the players will know the list for the match

Few players in the midfield: We have several players who can play in that area. We have the possibility to play with Brais, Jozabed…

Training: The variety of players we have allows us to change things during the game. It’s not the scheme on the pitch that matters, but the behaviour and relationship of the players between lines.

Home: The club has received us in a great way, just like the city. I felt a lot of human warmth. The boys have worked very well and I perceive that they want to move forward. The goal was for us to work together in the best way possible.

Locker room: I had seen all their games on video but the sensations on the pitch are different. We have a quality group, but in the end the important thing is the work we do together. A team is much more than the sum of its parts. I’m sure that what will make them better individually is the joint work.

Performance until your arrival: It’s not an important issue now. The important thing is to know how we are going to perform and play from now on.

Objectives: Our goal is for the team to be competitive at all times. They are strong and feel able to win every game.

Real Sociedad: It is a strong team that has achieved very good results. It has quality players and for sure we are going to have a very tough match. I would like us to be able to give a lot of what we have trained. If that happens we will be closer to bringing a good result from Anoeta.

Pione Sisto’s mood: He has performed four very good training sessions. All the internationals have come very excited and eager to do well. Every day is a new opportunity and means that you have to train harder. Everyone has a very good level of intensity.

Goal: I won’t reveal who will play. Celta goalkeepers give me peace of mind.

Ball start: We should attempt that players have ways to handle the ball. I’m not going to teach them how to play football, I have to give them solutions. We have trained the exit of the ball very well.

Preparation: The team has worked every moment to develop. I want the team to feel uncomfortable if they don’t play the way they coach.

Maxi and Aspas: In this team there is no player who has insured being a starter. Whoever trains better will be closer to playing. We have many options and I am delighted about that.