Celta suffers first lost against Girona (3-2)

Celta suffered its first defeat of the season in Girona (3-2) in a match in which it tried everything, but without fortune or fluidity in some phases and against a very disciplined rival, accurate and with great craftsmanship. Iago Aspas scored the first sky-blue goal after a great free-kick and Boufal the second in the final stretch. Cabral was expelled with double yellow.

Back and forth from the beginning, with both teams determined to look for the opponent’s area and a brilliant Celta in the combinations and well adjusted in the pressure. In the first fifteen minutes, Sergio shone against Portu and Sisto and Maxi frighten Girona with two good shots.

After 22 minutes, when Celta was dominating the most, a cross from the left was headed by Stuani to score. An isolated play, without any elaboration, that put Girona, that was suffering, ahead. Celta staggered a bit, lost fluidity and stopped generating danger. It did so at the 34th minute and in a forceful way, with a goal from Iago Aspas. The player’s masterful free-kick drew the match. The joy did not last long. At the 37th minute, Alcalá scored after a corner kick.

After halftime, Boufal substituted Junior, and Celta was determined to draw as soon as possible, although they found a very closed rival in the back-end. The dominance was overwhelming, but a very fortunate counter-attack helped Girona increase their lead. The sky-blues tried hard against a Girona locked in their field and ready to counterattack, it was a complicated task. Boufal, after a long play, shortened distances with three minutes to go with a good shot. Maxi could have drawn at the last moment, but his header stopped Bono.

Game Sheet

3-Girona FC: Bono, Pedro Porro, Bernardo, Alcalá, Juanpe, Aday (Munisea, min.84), Douglas Luiz, Granell, Borja García (Roberts, min.67), Portu (Aleix García, min.88), Stuani.

2-RC Celtic: Sergio, Hugo Mallo, Roncaglia, Araujo, Cabral, Junior Alonso (Boufal, min.46), Lobotka, Beltrán (Brais, min.75), Iago Aspas, Maxi Gómez, Sisto (Dennis, min.66).

Goals: 1-0, min.22: Stuani; 1-1, min.34: Iago Aspas; 2.1, min.37: Alcalá; 3-1, min.56: Stuani; 3-2, min.87: Boufal.

Referee: Javier Alberola Rojas, from the Castilla-La Mancha committee. Expelled Cabral with double yellow (min.92) and cautioned Beltrán, Douglas.

Stadium: Montilivi