Fran Escribá: “I’m convinced that the fans are going to be with the team”.

Physical condition of the team: they are all well saved Juncà and Brais. I would even say that they are not very tired and they will arrive fresh. Iago was overloaded with fatigue.

Substitute for Brais: I’m clear about the changes but I don’t want to give clues. Brais was being important and now we will be a few weeks without him.
Team: when a team raises an attack as direct as the Huesca is difficult to counteract. We did a lot of damage the second plays. On a positional level they were not bad games. I don’t like such open games but when we get good results I’ll be happy.

Balance: I think the team is balanced even if the numbers don’t say that. We’ve won order and we didn’t lose efficiency up front.

Rival: It has a lot of wings and a very interesting inner game. It’s a difficult team that I like very much because of the squad they have. The best way to defend your wings is to attack them. Our idea is to attack.

Weather: the pitch is perfect and both teams are used to all situations.

Changes: I’ve always said I’d choose the top 11 but it’s unlikely that they’ll be repeated from game to game.

Goals at the end: things are happening in the last few minutes that cost points. I expect a level of commitment as great as Villarreal because I’m convinced that the fans will be with the team.

Fans: They are very important. We saw it against Villarreal and we suffered it in Huesca. It seems that not but the player manages to get strength from where he does not have them.