Fran Escribá: “It’s a match fit for showing a lot of personality”

Available players: Mor, Juncà and Radoja are not available.

Emre Mor: he has a problem with his ankle, he tried but couldn’t. Let’s see if next week can be

Ramadan: they rest a little worse at night. It does not condition me, I have spoken to them and they have told me that they are perfect. We respect their beliefs.

Relegation: anyone who relegates to second division hurts because colleagues and fans have given their all to continue in Primera. I have no preference.

Athletic: It’s a very strong team at home and they’re playing to be able to go to Europe. It’s a match in which you have to have a lot of personality because San Mamés demands a lot from you.

Staying in First Division: The situation is still complicated but it’s in our hand. We have no other goal than to win tomorrow. It’s not ideal to get to the last game with things to do.

Changes: it’s not crazy to think about changes. It is true that Williams is a very dangerous forward in open space.

Rival: They’re going to push a lot from minute one and that’s why I think we have to have a lot of personality.

Maxi Gómez 4 yellow cards: He’s going to play. He must do what he has done in these nine games, which is to be intelligent without losing aggressiveness.