Let’s carry on together, let’s keep on dreaming: a letter to the fans.



We have fallen, but the disappointment and sadness, so intense right now, must not fill our hearts. We are celtistas. We have always made and will continue to make room for pride and hope. Today we are dejected, tomorrow we will realize we have made history, wonder when will the next opportunity come.


And, for sure, we will make the most of it. Despite the pain, there is always room for gratitude in our celtista heart. This group of players and trainers have written one more page in our history, have fought until exhaustion, have fallen with pride and will rise with determination. Thanks to all of them for making all of us thrill in such a tough and demanding competition. And, despite the letdown, immense gratitude to the fans who have believed, pushed, encouraged with boundless passion, which has shown the world, with absolute clarity, the meaning of afouteza.


Once more, the union between the team and the fans has been decisive and exemplary in a path full of great obstacles which have never darkened our hope. Let’s carry on together, let’s keep on dreaming.

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