Miguel Cardoso: “In Vallecas we have to rescue our idea of the game”.

Departure of players.All players are important and we count on all of them. They are training very well and I am very happy with them. It is normal that some who are not playing much want to do it more frequently but there is no planned departure.

Transfer market. We are open to the market and the opportunities that may exist. Costas has an injury that he will recover in a month and a half as maximum period.

Junior Alonso. He is a player who asked us out if there was a chance. Something good came up for him and the operation was carried out.

Importance of the match against Rayo. Against Athletic we did not succeed in having some of our values on the field and we had difficulty being faithful to our game plan. We were not in good shape. Tomorrow for sure we will be within the values we want. We’ve talked about things we didn’t do well and it’s the first step to improve.

Proximity to relegation It’s an important match in a league that is more competitive than ever. It’s a new opportunity to score points and move up in the standings.

Errors against Athletic. The further we are from the game we train, the more difficult it is for us to play well. In LaLiga you have to have the ability to be very intense, to be aggressive without the ball as we did against Huesca or Villarreal. We didn’t play the game we wanted against Athletic. In Vallecas we have to rescue our idea of the game.

Pione Sisto. What happened with Sisto has become more important than it really was. In some moments of the match against Athletic we were angry and the only thing I did was to demand speed and responsibility so that the players who enter do it to sum to the team. My reaction is only to bring energy to the field.

Return from Fran Beltrán to Vallecas. Fran is a very young boy with a very high level of maturity. He returns to the club where he has developed, but in professional football it is something very common. It’s normal that they can whistle, but if the opponent’s whistle when we play is away it means we’re doing well.

Beltran’s position. You have to understand what is asked of players who enter the field of play. We didn’t ask Beltran to play Iago Aspas, but to play between the lines and connect with the rest of the midfielders. You have to understand the functions of each player more than the tactical approach.

Short rest time between matches . I don’t understand how they distribute schedules, but it’s bad not to have time to prepare the match. We need two days to make an optimal recovery and our concern has been precisely that this week.

Attendance at Balaídos. Playing on Monday at 21.00 hours, cold weather, does not help people come to the stadium. It’s important to have a packed stadium and feel the support of the fans, because a full stadium can get you into the game.