Miguel Cardoso: “The players are doing a very good job”.

Mini stage: Going to Vigo to stay one night and coming back caused us more disorders. Coming to Castellón allows us to handle the recovery between matches.

Situation of the team: We are very focused on the process we are doing, understanding the context. The players are doing a very good job. These behaviors that we are acquiring will make us win games.

Rotations: It is important to understand that there was no disregard for the Copa del Rey. The context is the one we have at each moment. I am very excited to be able to compete in the future at the highest level every two or three days. The choices were made to face the matches in the best possible way.

Concern about the situation in LaLiga:
We’re calm because it’s important to prepare for every game, to train and so we can get better everyday. The team is more competitive, more aggressive and already begins to have more elements of connection between the players, but every time you have to do more and better. We are aware of the moment we are in and we all need a strong club.

Villarreal: It is a team that plays in Europe and has many strengths. We are thinking about what we can and have to do.

Match against Real Sociedad: We played the Copa del Rey with the players who were better. Many teams changed their players in those matches. The only one that didn’t was the Real Sociedad and that shows the respect they had towards us.

The group is very strong and very receptive from day one. We used these two days to recover.