Official announcement Mathias Jensen

RC Celta player Mathias Jensen completely denies the information published today in the Danish tabloid BT about his stay in the Galician team. The Danish midfielder denies having made the statements indicated by the aforementioned media during the stage with Denmark’s U-21 team.

“It has been a hectic first season, and not what I expected both with my injuries, the changes of managers and being at the bottom of the standings, but I have nothing bad to say about Celta. They believed in me and took me in even though I was injured and risked a lot. They gave me the chance of my life and made my dream come true playing in LaLiga. People who know me and people in the club know that I would never say anything bad about the club. It is full of good people, who have taken care of me from the day I arrived. We are in a difficult situation, but I am sure that we can turn it around, and as always, I will do my best”. Mathias.

RC Celta wants to show its total support to and trust in Mathias Jensen.