RC Celta draws a wild game in Huesca (3-3)

RC Celta and SD Huesca tied (3-3) a match in which Fran Escribá’s team saved a point ten minutes before the end after having gone ahead on the scoreboard and seeing how the Huesca team turned it the scoreboard around in the second half.

The match began in a very positive way for the sky-blue team, which got ahead on the scoreboard after a great play between Lobotka, Aspas and Brais Mendez, who sent the ball to the back of the net. Shortly after, the scorer had to be substituted due to injury. In the rest of the first half both teams had a number of dangerous chances, the most obvious at the feet of Boudebouz, who sent the ball to the crossbar.

In the first minutes of the second half SD Huesca forced Ruben to make several stops. RC Celta came out on the counter with danger and in one of them Iago Aspas extended the skyblue advantage with a great cross shot. Shortly afterwards, Enric Gallego, Ávila and Pulido turned the match around in a dramatic fifteen minutes for the sky-blue team. In the final stretch, Boudebouz tied the match after a great play by Iago Aspas.


3 – SD Huesca: Santamaría; Mantovani, Etxeita, Pulido; Herrera (Galician, min 56), Musto, Rivera, Moi Gómez, Javi Galán; Ávila (Melero, min 76), Cucho Hernández

3 – RC Celta: Rubén; Hugo Mallo, Cabral, Hoedt, Olaza; Brais Méndez (Bodebouz, min 18), Lobotka, Yokuslu; Iago Aspas (Emre, min 81), Maxi Gómez, Boufal (Jozabed, min 89).

Goals: 0-1, Brais Méndez min 15; 0-2 Blades, min 56; 1-2 Galician, min 62; 2-2 Avila, min 71: 3-2 Polished, min 73; 3-3 Boudebouz, min 80;

Referee: Adrián Cordero Vega, from the Cantabrian committee. He booked Pulido, Etxeita (SD Huesca) and Brais Méndez, Olaza, Emre (RC Celta) with yellow cards.

Field: Alcoraz