RC Celta Press Note

Confidence, fear, anguish, satisfaction, fear, relief, nervousness, optimism, joy… The range of feelings experienced in the last hours of celtismo is endless. It is not the first time that this immense churn appears suddenly on the road, but perhaps this was the longest of all. RC Celta will be making their ninth consecutive season in First Division and are maintaining the second-best run in their modern history in the top category.

It was not an easy or pleasant road. It was hard and tortuous, with unexpected obstacles, but in the end, with everyone’s hard work, it was the one we dreamed of. On the field, celtismo helped and pushed to the point of exhaustion while it could and when it had to go away it did it with the same determination by all the means at its disposal. The first message of the club cannot be other one that the gratefulness by that spirit, the patience and the understanding, the optimism and the force conveyed.

Now comes a short break to start a new season in First Division. So far, up to this ninth season in the top category, we have all made it together. From here, we will begin, united, a new adventure in which, without a doubt, the enthusiasm and the hope will bloom, as always.

¡Hala Celta!