RC Celta tints Vigo skyblue and sends a clear message: #ThisIsAfouteza



This match is unique, the atmosphere is extraordinary and the city will live and breath celtismo all around. RC Celta is kickstarting -to tint skyblue, to set a suitable frame the fantastic event taking place next Thursday- a number of activities to involve fans and citizens in the historic milestone Balaidos will experience with the Europe League first leg semi-final match between RC Celta and Manchester United.

Vigo, its emblems, streets, buildings… will be colored skyblue sending a clear message “This is afouteza”, which can be read on the banners which already shine on the city center’s lampposts and more than 60 small urban billboards. This is the motto which concludes the one used throughout this season in Galician: ·”Ensinésmolle ao mundo o significado de afouteza” which means Let’s show the world the meaning of Afouteza”. The moment has come to do so.

Several hundreds of taxis and urban buses will sport skyblue colors inside with different ornamental elements. The club will continue to carry out activities in the next few days, coloring skyblue the heart of Vigo, the building which will soon become the club’s headquarters. Its dome will be enlightened starting tonight with the color which identifies RC Celta.

This building, El Corte Inglés and the Centro Comercial A Laxe will display on their facades, through giant canvases, the message “This is afouteza”, while in the current club’s headquarters in Plaza de España, a counter counting down the time until the match starts will be deployed, making it visible from the surrounding streets and Avenida de Madrid.

On its behalf, the city Council will spruce up several monuments and emblematic fountains in the city center.

RC Celta will continue to carry out activities in the next few days on the occasion of this historic Europe League semi-final play off.

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