RC Celta’s academy model ‘conquers’ Japan

Celta’s academy continues establishing itself as an international reference and its prestige expanding with greater strength around the world. One more piece of evidence that its academy model is striving is the interest shown by the Japanese Football Federation on counting with RC Celta for one of its most prestigious tournaments, an interest that sparked the agreement signed this morning by RC Celta and its Foundation with the Shizuoka Federation in order to have a Celta team participate in the Suruga-Torneo International under-15, which will take place next October.

A delegation from the Shizuoka Federation visited the Celta facilities, from the new headquarters to the Madroa and Balaidos Stadium to then go on and attend a presentation on Celta’s future projects and sign the agreement that includes the participation on behalf of one of Celta’s youth categories in the aforementioned international tournament.

RC Celta’s and its Foundation international expansion, alongside the opening of schools in different countries and the participation of its academy teams in international tournaments, is continued with this experience, greatly enriching for the young sky-blue players both at a sports level as well as for personal growth and development. personal.

Celta’s method in working with academy players had already reached Japan some months ago, since Carlos Hugo Garcia, the director of the academy, and his assistant, Diego Santos, travelled to the country to convey their knowledge and ideas to JEF United Ichihara Chiba, a club with which RC Celta sustains a collaboration agreement.