RC Celta’s captain armband soaked with Celtismo for five more years: #HugoMallo2023

RC Celta will display many more years a captain’s armband soaked in Celtismo, honesty and passion. The captain, academy player Hugo Mallo, sealed his extension for 5 more years, and this way is ready to expand his love story with the skyblue team that began when he was a child and became a reality when he played against Numancia in Balaidos on the 29th of August 2009. Since then, Hugo has played more than 300 matches full of commitment with RC Celta’s first team.

His loyalty to the club, his professionalism, his skills, his exemplary condition as a role model for the Academy players and his teammates have generated great admiration for the homegrown player that both RC Celta as an institution and the fans share and turn this extension in more than just a signed piece of paper. Hugo Mallo will continue to make history at RC Celta, he has been showing the way to academy players and will continue to do so 5 more years until completing at least 14 seasons with Celta, and 20 in the club that Hugo is helping to grow.