Ruben Blanco extends his contract with Celta until 2023

Goalkeeper Rubén Blanco will be skyblue until 2023. The 22 year-old academy player, who still had two seasons left to complete his former contract with RC Celta, expressed his satisfaction after signing his new contract in the presence of president Carlos Mouriño.

Rubén Blanco (Mos, 1995) made his debut in an official match with the first team on the 26th of May, 2013, a memorable day for Celta fans. At the young age of 17, the player from Mos jumped to the pitch at Zorrilla to substitute an injured Javi Varas, leaving for the records a great performance under the posts which helped Celta get 3 valuable points to avoid relegation to second division.

«RC Celta was my plan a, b and c», said the young keeper, «very happy» after signing his new contract. Celta Media will show an interview with the skyblue player today. After this renewal, RC Celta corroborates once more its decision to support its academy players and, one more season, Celta’s goal will be defended by two academy players from A Madroa.