RC Celta Foundation experiences have numerous programme actions that are always aligned with our ethos with the aim of educate children based on the 8 ethos of the Club:

Passion, Respect, Teamwork, Heart, Leadership, Fellowship, Hard Work.

Spanish/English lessons

We offer the opportunity of combining trainings with spanish lessons because of the agreement between RC Celta Foundation and Sinergy Didactic English/Spanish.

Synergy Didactic has the aim of giving kids the confident and skills that they need with the language to be prepared for a succesfull adulthood. We don’t understand learning without participation.

Different chats

This training program focuses on the work methodology dealing with important issues for the Academy as the behaviors linked to each value of our Club, the game model and other aspects such as nutrition or communication.

We carry out lectures, courses or training days for technicians where we try to increase the capacity development by:

Public Speaking workshops: food, rest, studies…English Courses
Technical Conferences about methodology Technical conferences about the game model Psychological counseling

Training for coaches

Our staff is very aware of the responsability they have as trainers, they spend many hours with the players and that is because the methodology department generated a program that is concerned about the comprehensive education of the students. We are a football Club, but we don’t want to just train our players in soccer skills, we want to be concerned about the integral training of them.

We have a list of contents by areas that may interest your coaches/staff. We can also adapt the contents to the demands of each group.

To that end, we value in addition to footballing performance their behaviors in matches, trainings and academic performances.