Sergio Álvarez inaugurates the new school of the Celta Foundation in Peru

The goalkeeper of RC Celta, Sergio Álvarez, visited these days the Peruvian city of Paita to participate in the inauguration of the new school that the Celta de Vigo Foundation has started there.

This school will have a strong social character and will be aimed at local children with the aim of collaborating in the development of young people through sports. The school has been developed in collaboration with the Peruvian Institute of Sports and the company Profand, collaborator of the Celta de Vigo Foundation.

Peru joins the list of countries in which the Celtic Foundation has launched activities of a different nature but all of them aimed at the development of the youngest employees, using football as a tool for transmitting values. Along with the social school of Paita have been launched, this summer alone, two football campuses in the United States and one more in the Serbian city of Veliko Gradiste.