The campus of the Celta Foundation in Serbia begins

After the success of the first edition held last February, the Celtic Foundation has launched a new summer campus in the Serbian city of Veliko Gradiste. The campus was launched on Monday and will run throughout this week and will again feature the former celestial player and current member of the celestial secretariat Milorad Ratkovic who will participate as a coach for local youth.

This activity is possible thanks to the agreement reached between the Celta de Vigo Foundation, the town hall of Veliko Gradiste and the local club, elFK VGSK. On this occasion there are about 30 participants in an activity that is having a huge impact in the Balkan country. The trainings take place in the FK VGSK field as well as in the facilities of Silver Lake and Gradiste Park.

The city of Veliko Gradiste, located on the banks of the Danube River, already has a consolidated work structure resulting from the collaboration between the three entities, united by the common goal of training and development of young athletes.

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