The first team undergoes a complete analysis at the RC Celta Clinic

The players of the first team underwent a complete analysis in the RC Celta Clinic at A Sede. The results of this control will allow the club’s medical services to accurately assess the physical condition of the squad for the second half of the season, which presents itself with a high level of demand.

The tests included blood and urine tests, as well as those performed at the beginning of the season.


The RC Celta Clinic offers the best care in physiotherapy and traumatology , as well as in other services related to sports medicine (cardiology , nutrition, personalized rehabilitation, etc.). Under the direction of Dr. García Cota, head of the medical services of RC Celta and doctor of the Spanish National Team, RC Celta Clinic has the best professionals in the sector, including the physiotherapists of the club, to treat and solve any case with the best guarantees, both for sportsmen and any other type of patient.

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