Useful information for Celta fans in Manchester



1. Security checks in Old Trafford are very strict due to the level of security established for the match.

2. Local police does not allow large groups to go walking to the stadium. It is recommended to go by bus, taxi, tram…

3. In the UK it is illegal to carry and use fireworks o similar both on the streets and in the stadiums. It is severely punished by law.

4. Drunkennes is punished by law, and accessing the stadium may be forbidden for this reason.

5. Large canvases are not allowed to be taken into the stadium, nor large bags.

6. RC Celta will provide celta fans at Old Trafford access gates a service to assist them.

Useful documents

1. Visit the Old Trafford museum.

2. Guide for visiting fans.

3. General rules of Old Trafford.

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